Welcome to the RNIOA website, which commemorates the experiences and achievements of those who served in the Royal Navy's Instructor Officer ('Schoolie') Specialisation. For operational and budgetary reasons, the Navy Board decided to disband the branch (in 1996), and pass its responsibilities to civilians and 'platform' officers (Supply, Engineering and Seaman).

An RNIOA overview of education and training plus a newly-developed history timeline (1702-1996) can be found on the 'History' page. More details of the history and sub-specialisation work undertaken by Schoolies (Meteorology and Oceanography, IT, Resettlement, etc.) can be found in 'Links' and 'Service Stories'.

The aim of our website is to provide an educational resource for former Instructor Officers and the general public concerning the work that Schoolies undertook in the Royal Navy. As such we would welcome contact from former RN Instructor Officers, and they are invited to send us their stories (see 'Service Stories'). Contributors' stories can be password protected for restricted viewing.

We are a nonprofit organisation and do not ask for donations. Our association does not have membership or hold AGMs. All decisions on the running of the RNIOA are made by its co-founders. Those wishing to show appreciation for our work can donate to the Royal Navy Officers' Charity.

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Recent News
14/05/23We are sad to report that former IO, Lt Cdr Robert Brian Beel passed away on the 14th of May at the age of 91. His service story can be found on our stories page.
15/04/23The RNIOA Team are saddened to report that former IO, Captain Peter Rees RNR passed away on the 3rd of January this year. His service story can be found on our stories page.
04/04/23Mike Channon has submitted a new article - "Weather Balloons and Radiosondes". Visit our articles pages.