14 May 2023
We are sad to report that former IO, Lt Cdr Robert Brian Beel passed away on the 14th of May at the age of 91. A talented cricketer who played for the Navy and Combined Services, he served as a schoolie from 1955 to 1980. He was a strong supporter of the RNIOA for many years. His very interesting service story can be found on our stories page.
15 April 2023
The RNIOA Team are saddened to report that former IO, Captain Peter Rees RNR passed away on the 3rd of January this year. He joined the Navy as an IO in 1953, later becoming a Schoolie in the RNR and was well known among our more senior brethren. His service story can be found on our stories page.
04 April 2023
Mike Channon has submitted a new article - "Weather Balloons and Radiosondes". Visit our articles pages.
02 April 2023
We have received some excellent images from John Gunn - schoolie, METOC officer and musician. Visit our gallery.
25 March 2023
Our fifth newsletter is now available for download in our newsletter page.
19 March 2023
The RNIOA tie is now available for purchase. Visit our book/tie page.


04 March 2023
We have received a detailed and fascinating new service story - that of Peter Cottrell. Visit our stories page.
29 October 2022
We have moved the website of RNIOA to a new (secure) domain and hosting platform. The new address is
08 August 2022
We offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of former schoolie Cdr Robert (Bob) W. Hutchings OBE RN, who sadly passed away recently.
15 July 2022
We are honoured to publish the story, in 2 parts, of Ivor D. Lawrence, a Schoolmaster/IO from 1923 to 1947. His WWII tales are fascinating. Please visit our stories page and gallery.
20 May 2022
We have received some new images from Noel Goldthorp - visit our gallery ("RN Schools & Departments").
16 May 2022
Bob Eadie is organizing a 50th anniversary reunion for all BRNC September 1974 entrants, which include Schoolie entry 1023. BRNC has been booked for a dinner on Saturday 14th September, 2024. For more information please contact Bob at