We, the two co-founders of the RNIOA, worked together teaching computer fundamentals to artificer apprentices at HMS Sultan in the 1980s and have remained in contact ever since. On learning about the demise of the Instructor Officer Specialisation in 1996 we decided to create this website, which now has a core group of former Schoolies supporting its production and expansion through the provision of stories, articles and images.

John Nixon
John Nixon - Co-founder and Editor. John’s career in the Royal Navy began as a boy entrant at HMS Ganges in 1968 and spanned 24 years, including nine as an Instructor Officer. After leaving in 1992 in the rank of Lieutenant, he gained an MSc and PhD in health economics and then worked as a Research Fellow at the University of York (Research Publications). He now writes and publishes books and takes the lead role in obtaining and editing material for the RNIOA website.
Mike Rose
Michael Rose - Co-founder and Web Designer. Michael graduated with a BSc in maths from the University of York, joining the Instructor Officer Specialisation at BRNC Dartmouth in 1981. In January 1991 he obtained an MSc in the Design of Information Systems from RMCS Shrivenham. After leaving in 1997 as a Lieutenant Commander, he worked in software and database development. He now teaches English and does web design in Brazil. Michael takes the lead role in web design for the RNIOA website.

Since going live in July 2017, we continue to expand the website's content. This has been assisted by the generous copyright transfer of a sample of service stories from 'Not Just Chalk and Talk: Stories of Schoolies in the Royal Navy,' (2013) by Captain Dick Abram RN and Captain Patrick Binks RN, the website Naval Education History, produced by Commander Keith Hart RN, and others. Please visit our service stories page.

Mike Channon
Mike Channon OBE - Honorary SIO. Mike graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Sussex. He then completed a Dip Ed before joining the IO Specialisation at BRNC Dartmouth in 1968. After a distinguished 29-year career, he left the Navy in the rank of Commander in 1996 but continued working in education and training management as a NATO civilian at SACLANT HQ in Norfolk, Virginia. As Senior IO, Mike provides invaluable guidance on all RNIOA projects.
Tony Mann
Tony Mann - Honorary Chaplain. Tony joined the Royal Navy as an Aircraft Artificer Apprentice in 1950 and became an Instructor Officer in 1964, also graduating with a BA in 1976. He left the Navy in 1982 as a Lieutenant Commander. After teaching in Further Education for some years he graduated in Religious Education from St. John's College, Nottingham, and discovered his new mission within the priesthood. Tony supports the RNIOA by being available to former Schoolies, writing a message for the RNIOA Christmas e-cards each year, and editing.